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Monday, May 22, 2017

High End 2017 - recap


Just arrived back home and finished unloading. Time to write a last post about the High End show.

It's been a great time filled with tunes, talks and tubes.

I'd like to thank all visitors for the feedback and great discussions! And to all co-exhibitors.

Charles 'Chuck' Michlin of Azzolina Audio, who celebrated his birthday during the show.

He hauled over two beautiful pairs of speakers all the way from France.

Thanks to Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl for taking care of the analog front end in room F231c.

His new Field Coil Loaded tone arm was a revelation!

Also a big Thank You to Martin Brenner of Vinylista and Thomas Schick for the superb analog front end in room F231e.

And for the beautiful racks!

I am also glad that Vincent Brient of totaldac provided a DAC and server for us to play digital!

And of course to Wolf von Langa for raising the bar with his new Audio Frame speaker line.

A very special thank you to Frank Wogatzki for running the 78rpm shellac sessions and for sharing his knowledge and passion!

And last but not least a big, big Thank You to Camilla, Anja, Hildegard, Emmanuel, Gunter and Bernd. Without You pulling off two such rooms at the High End would not have been possible!

And not to forget: Thanks to the High End Society for keeping the Show alive and kicking and for making it better every year.

While we are at it I also want to pay my respect to the team of Silbatone.

Their contribution to the show provides a very different perspective and is quite educational.

Here a video of Joe Roberts explaining this years speakers.

See you all again next year!

Best regards


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Live from Munich : High End 2017 - Part 10, Day 3


The 3rd day of the Munich High End show comes to an end. Here some impressions from today.

Calamighty Sound has a booth together with Thomas Schick who provided the tonearm for our system.

I visited their booth today.

Since they are offering a cartridge cleaning service I brought my old Lyra Skala which has seen some extensive use over many years.

Francois took care of it and first inspected it under the microscope.

Shocking how much dirt particles accumulated over the years.

Francois doing some initial cleaning:

Looks much better already:

Cantilever, needle and internals will need some more care:

So I left the cartridge with them to take back to their workshop and to do a thorough overhaul.

Check out these beauties at their booth:

We had good times in our room with great visitors and good talks.

During the day we swapped between the big and small speakers several times and also between the PP 300B amps and the SE211s.

Here a sound clip with the small speakers:

Another one:

The preference between the speakers was split. Some prefer the big ones others the smaller.

Here a quick peek into the Silbatone room at the 3rd show day.

Sound clip:

Another one:

One more day to go. Visit us in rooms F231c and F231e!

Best regards


Live from Munich : High End 2017 - Part 9, Aftershow Party


Every show day ends with a small celebration.

We spin some vinyls just for ourselves.

And enjoy some vino along with it.

The best way to end a successful High End show day.

Best regards


Live from Munich : High End 2017 - Part 8, 78rpm sessions


Today we held some sessions with historic recordings in room F231c.

Frank Wogatzki presented various 78rpm records from his collection:

Like this one:

The variable EQ phono preamp specifically made for this event:

Another shellac played by Frank:

And one more.

Here Frank tells the story how he convinced me to build variable EQ phonos:

Tomorrow and on Sunday we will repeat such sessions. Come to room F231c and join us on a journey through the history of Jazz

Best regards